TOYOLAC is a thermoplastic material known as ABS resin which is composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. TOYOLAC is lightweight, strong, attractive and easily processable while ensuring excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and coloring properties. This allows use in many fields ranging from industrial to home use. TOYOLAC can be called the most outstanding ABS resin in terms of new production planning, new design and new applications.

Standard Types of TOYOLAC

Transparent MABS

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  • Process

912 X01

High Scratch ResistantInjection


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A20C 333

SAN AS StandardInjection


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TA10 X01

Medium Impact StrengthInjection

TA10 X02

Medium Impact StrengthInjection

TA30 X01

High Impact StrengthInjection

TA30 X02

High Impact StrengthInjection

General Purpose ABS

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100 322

High Impact StrengthInjection & Extrusion

100 X01

Super High Impact StrengthInjection & Extrusion

500 322

High RigidityInjection

700 314

Medium Impact StrengthInjection

700 X01

High Flow Medium ImpactInjection

Extrusion ABS

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600 X50

Extrusion, ThermoformingExtrusion

600 X52

Extrusion, Profile ExtrusionExtrusion

Glass Fibre Reinforced ABS (ABSG)

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10% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABSInjection


10% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS, High FlowInjection


20% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS, High FlowInjection


30% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABSInjection

Glass Fibre Reinforced AS (ASG)

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10% Glass Fiber Reinforced ASInjection


20% Glass Fiber Reinforced ASInjection


30% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABSInjection

High Heat ABS

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420Y MH1

High Heat (DTL 88°C)Injection

430Y MH1

High Heat (DTL 90°C)Injection

440Y MH1

High Heat (DTL 92°C)Injection

440Y MH5

High Heat High Flow (DTL 92°C)Injection

450Y MH1

Medium High Heat (DTL 98°C)Injection

450Y MH5

Medium High Heat High Flow (DTL 98°C)Injection

450Y X10

Medium High Heat (DTL 95°C)Injection

460Y MH1

High Heat (DTL 100°C)Injection

470Y MH1

Super High Heat (DTL 104°C)Injection

High Heat Glass Fiber ABS

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10% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS(DTL 114°C)Injection


20% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS (DTL 118°C)Injection


20% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS,Super High Heat(DTL 128°C)Injection


30% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS (DTL 121°C)Injection

High Heat Blow Molding ABS

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450Y BM1

High Heat Blow Molding(DTL 101°C)Injection

450Y BM5

High Heat Blow Molding (DTL 95°C)Injection

Flame Retardant ABS

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  • Process

884 X01

0.75mm V-2, 1.50mm V-0, 2.5mm 5VAInjection

824V X01

0.75mm V-2, Light ResistanceInjection

834V X01

2.0mm V-0, 3.0mm 5VA, Light ResistanceInjection

844V X05

1.5mm V-0, 2.5mm 5VA, 2.0mm 5VB, Light ResistantInjection


20% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS, 1.5mm V-0, 2.5mm 5VAInjection

Non Halogen Flame Retardant ABS

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Chemical Resistant ABS

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AX84 X01

Flame Retardant, 1.5mm V-0Injection

Painting ABS

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100 MPM

Medium Impact StrengthInjection

100 MPF

High Impact StrengthInjection

High Heat Painting ABS

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  • Process

440Y X50

High Heat Painting (DTL 90°C)Injection

450Y X50

High Heat Painting (DTL 93°C)Injection

Plating ABS

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  • Process

335 MPL

High Flow, High ImpactInjection

Alloy Grade

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  • Process


Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS//PBT ResinInjection

PX10 X06

PC//ABS Alloy, High Impact StrengthInjection

PX10 X07

PC//ABS Alloy, Super High Impact StrengthInjection

Eco-friendly Alloy Grade

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RNX84 X01

r-PC//ABS alloy, 1.5mm V-0Injection

RNX86 X01

r-PC//ABS alloy, 1.5mm V-0, 1.5mm 5VBInjection

Specialty Grade

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532 X02

Abrasion Resistance, High SlidingInjection

700 SG5

Middle Impact, High GlossInjection

Medical Grade ABS

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  • Process

500 322M

Medical GradeInjection