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    MABS (Transparent ABS)
    MABS (Transparent ABS)


    A subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. - the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic fibres and textiles, high performance films and engineering plastics. We are the first company in the world who started to manufactured MABS (Transparent ABS) which branded under TOYOLAC ™ and sales to the global market , we had accumulated more than 20 years of experience in transparent ABS technology and knowhow.


    MABS is a copolymerization of Methyl Methacry-late(MMA), Acrylonitrile (AN),Butadiene(BD) and Styrene (SM), also known as TRANSPARENT ABS which is a clear engineering and commodity thermoplastics that has offer below specialty feature.

    • High Light Transmittance (Low Haze)
    • Excellent weathering resistant (transparency retention against high humidity / temperature)
    • Low out gassing (weight loss upon heating)
    • Balance of Flow Ability and Impact Strength
    • Consistent and Stable Color / Transparency

    Furthermore, TOYOLAC MABS can be easily to process with standard equipment including extrusion and injection Molding, besides that it can be easily coloured to create exceptional brilliant visual effect such as strong and vivid colours.

    MABS is much suitable to apply on application below:

    • Computer peripherals
    • Electronics Appliances (Air Conditional / Air Purifier Front Panel / Washing Machine / Vacuum / Grass Cutting Machine etc.)
    • Cosmetic containers
    • Stationery
    • Transparent Toys

    TOYOLAC MABS is compliant with RoHS/UL & tested under 3rd party laboratories under test standard (US FDA 21 CFR 177.1010) for Food contact certified.